How to get started with Business Processes

Whilst I was mindlessly hanging the family washing this week (an almost daily task, please tell me I'm not alone) I was thinking about the day to day actions we undertake and how we do them in such a way as to save ourselves time.

And on a level, all of these things are systems and processes. A process is defined as 'a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end.' And a system is 'a set of principles or procedures accordingly to which things are done. An organised scheme or method.'

There are four of us in my house, my husband and I and our two children. So there are four sets of clothes on the dryer and then the extra don't-fit-into-a-category stuff.

So when I hang the washing I don't just do this randomly, I hang the clothes together per person because I'm time short and I want to save time in the long run. I'm already going through the clothes to hang them, so why go through them again at the end And then my daughter comes along and pulls them all off. But I haven't educated her on the system yet, and that my friends is key. Because it is much like someone coming along and saving your work files all in the wrong place, it's not really their fault if it's not clear how things are done in your business. A good Process Manual will help you there, more about that here.

I don't work with clients on their household processes (maybe I should 🤔) so this is just a light hearted look at how systems and processes are and can be very simple and easy to implement if you know what the end goal is. They needn't be something that you have to put to the back of your business mind until you 'have the time'. No one ever just has the time. Systems and processes will help you save time by reducing duplication and that is the key to improved business success. I’m here to support businesses with their systems and processes and how these can enhance the experience your customers have with your business. You can get started providing an excellent customer journey experience with my checklist here. Let me know how you get on!


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