How do I improve customer experience?

I often hear something like the following - "I pride myself on customer experience... I'm just not sure how good the experience is." So how can you improve that experience so you're confident that it is great every time?


You need to be thinking like your client. You need to really put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself the questions about your business that of course you know, but your client doesn't.

For example…

  1. 1. Your invoicing terms.

  2. 2. What information you need to start the job.

  3. 3. The steps that you undertake when you work with someone and in which order.

4. The software the client will interact with and how they use it.

5. General FAQs about doing business with you.


You need to work out the best time to get information or inform (educate) your client throughout their life cycle with you. And you want to make sure that you are not duplicating requests or starting emails with 'sorry, I forgot to ask you for X, Y, Z.' or 'sorry I've lost your paperwork, can you send it again.'

This can be a gradual process. Get in the habit of each and every time you bring on a new client, be open and mindful of the communication going on. Have a dedicated document / place / list of questions your clients ask, when they ask them, what information they need and when, in order to complete the next step in the process.

Doing this gradually, and natively allows you to make improvements in real time. And this is why I talk about it in terms of a 'habit.' You have to be diligent with yourself to take time out of your to do list to put your brain to process improvements, and that is why I suggest a list so it is all in one place and you can come back to it in one go.


What would make your life easier as a business owner? If you didn't have to repetitively tell people how to get to your offices? Make a video to show people. If you didn't have to chase for documents? Research client sharing software with built in chasers.

Getting ahead of the clients queries that take you time and headspace to deal with services two purposes. Because getting ahead of these queries shows your clients that you anticipate their needs and are there for them. This is how improving your processes professionalises your business. And what happens when you are more professional? You get more referrals, more business, you can expect business growth and can charge higher fees, as your charges will be aligned to your experience.

A great customer experience comes from standardising the way that you work with each of your clients, so although the work that you do with them is individual the process does not have to be. You are in charge of your process and you can politely guide your clients through your way of working. That way you can standardise the process of onboarding your clients and know that the one excellent experience you have created can be experienced by everyone.

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