Being surprised and delighted on a speed awareness course

A many few years ago I went on a speed awareness course. Like anyone else who has gone on one of these half day sessions, I wasn't particularly enthused about it. I had to give up half a day on a Saturday, I had to pay for it and I felt angry at the DVLA - ridiculous seen as I was over the speed limit so I've no one to blame but myself. But do you know what, I'm glad I went.

I'm the sort of person that loves to take the good from any situation. I like to use all of my experiences in my life to build upon my profile; personally and professionally. They are kinda one and the same.

So despite it being over 5 years ago, I can still remember loads of the learning that I took away from that day.

Add surprises into your process

If you can surprise and delight your customer as part of the process do it! Even if this is just as a part of the prospective client stage and you don't work with them, make sure that you are remembered for the right reasons. Any added value; sending a free download, directing towards some of your blogs, hooking them up with another business who can help them now, giving away advice at this stage will paint your business in the best light and will ensure that people will either a) come back when they are ready b) think of you positively and refer you on.

If you have a handle on your process, this ‘additional’ administration will not feel so overwhelming because it will be easier for you to manage.

Opportunities for the up sell

So back to speed awareness, during the course the trainers were informative about the additional courses and places we could go to improve our driving and to share this with other people we know. I am impressed that there was the possibility for an upsell in this experience! Good for them and good for me and (in this case) wider society. That is what the client lifecycle is. The CYCLE part is how you continue your relationship in the future with clients that you have finished working with, for now.

Establishing a process around the possibilities and options there are for bringing structure into your re engagement activity means that clients that you have worked with in the past are not forgotten about, and you maximise any possibility to work with them again in the future.

Ideally I'm not going to be a repeat customer of the DVLA - and as they explain on the course, nor do they want me to be - but I think credit to the techniques the instructors adopted to quickly alleviate the tension and ensure the session delivered long term success. I often think about that experience from a consumer perspective as a fantastic one. And my experiences are part of the tool set that I build on to create fantastic experiences for my clients’.

Don't assume people know

Don't assume people know what you know. That is why people buy into your services. And in terms of ensuring that they can become repeat customers, don't presume that they know everything that you offer. I'm sure that you have a great many services you offer, consider how additional services could be offered to clients along the customer journey.


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