Make it easy for customers to give you the information you need!

I recently, by chance, met a very useful contact who works for a Government initiative to help small businesses grow. The upshot of this is that he is going to list KeyboardSmash's services on their site - YAY FOR ME!

However, and this is very embarrassing for me to admit (as I am the sort of person who fills in surveys and forms as an active procrastination strategy) it has taken me 3 months to get around to doing these forms.

RIDICULOUS as this is a no-brainer way to list my services to the sort of people that I am trying to help!

However, the problem in this case was that the method of data capture did not put the customer at the heart of what they do. They issued 2 forms via PDF that I had to print, fill in and return to them via a scan. The bonkers bit is that someone then has to type all that up to put on the website. I know! Mind blowing…talk about duplication.

There was even a box for me to fill in a URL to find my logo.

Three problems here

Notwithstanding how antiquated this process is, it falls down on so many other levels on not putting the customer at the heart of the process:

  1. It's for small, growing businesses who won't necessarily have access to a printer or scanner.

  2. There were two forms that required several duplicated bits of information that whilst may be relevant for them, was time-consuming for me.

  3. Following sending the forms back in was then asked for several more bits of info (VAT number, PAYE number) that I've now got to scurry off and find.

And on point 3, I'm not VAT registered so when asked I had that "o no! Is this service not going to work for me?" Stomach drop. The kind of leave-you-in-a-panic-not-sure-of-next-steps type feeling.

The sort of feeling that a good customer journey process should never impart on its active participants.

Key learnings

So for me there are several key takeaways from this situation:

  1. Make it easy for your customers to give you the information that you need.

  2. Make it clear and up front the criteria for working with you so there is no angst (this could ordinarily be around affordability but depending on your business may be eligibility criteria i.e. fitness levels for a class.)

  3. Don't allow potential business to go elsewhere because clients have unanswered questions leaving them in doubt - answer them before they are asked.

Can I help? Yes I can!

A well thought out customer journey process will make sure that these elements are done excellently without having to worry that something might get missed. I specialise in spotting the gaps in a customer journey process and ensuring an excellent customer experience. Get in touch to work with me on your process.


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