How to use templates on Gmail

I am not going to lie, I am a massive fan of Gmail for small business email.

Gmail, Gsuite, Google. The whole scheeebang. What I like about it is that everything I need comes under one login. So I have my email connected to my domain (and I pay for this direct with Google) and this gives me all of my Drive storage (which links to pretty much everything that you can think of making it good to use across software) and it holds all of my browsing data on Chrome.

For client’s email that I have access to I can toggle between them easily and this saves me time and effort.

This blog comes to you with a quick easy win productivity tip if you are a gmail user (sorry if you’re not, but I recommend you get over there.)

1. Navigate to your Gmail inbox and hit settings.

2. Go to 'Add-ons' and 'Advanced'.

3. Scroll down and enable ‘Templates’ and click ‘Save Changes’.

4. Head back to your inbox to open a new email.

5. Start to save templates as you go!

Video walk through

If you prefer to view a video - this walks you through it.

Final notes

If you find yourself writing the same thing over and over again, or you write a particularly good email when chasing an invoice, for example, this is the perfect way to stop yourself searching for the email again.

I use it a lot during my Customer Journey Process. I have templates for Kick-off emails on several of my products which include attachments and call booking links and also for a final email, requesting a review.

You can edit the template each time you send it out as need be and you can either overwrite your draft or just send it out that time with the personal bits you have wanted to add at the time.

Quick time-saving tip for me this month. Templates is one of my best used and recommended tools on Gmail, let me know what you think and if you’ve got any questions.


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