Onboarding, outsourcing and its opportunities

This is the last in a series of blog posts helping you to get your process manual together.

And the point of a process manual? To get your business ready for scaling!

Why create a process manual

Outsourcing different jobs in your business can only be achieved if you know what those jobs are. Creating process documents outlines to anyone coming into your business how to undertake specific tasks – like a training manual.

You can read all about the different steps already outlined in this series in the following posts:

1. Using Toggl to time your repetitive tasks. 2. Monthly task mapping for creating your process manual. 3. Using Loom to create your process documents. 4. The blueprint for your process documents.

And how is a process document linked to the customer journey?

The support I offer small businesses is all customer journey focused, so naturally the final help I’d like to offer in this blog post is how these two link. The example below shows you how you can document your onboarding in your customer journey and then outsource these tasks.

The steps in your onboarding process

If you haven’t read it already, I have written a post which gives you some examples of what steps you may undertake when onboarding a client. Please take a look here. All of these are ideas, it will completely depend on what business you are running as to which you may need:

1. Enquiry made through email / phone / social media / mailshot / referral / networking. Process docs could include:

  • How to post to your different social networks

  • How to send a mailshot

  • How to promote a new blog post

  • How to respond to incoming enquiries

  • Updating your social media profiles

2. Initial contact made via return email/phone and a phone call set up.

Process docs could include:

  • How to set up time slots in your online calendar

  • Diary and meeting process

  • Preparing clients for initial phone call

3. Follow up from the call. Process docs could include:

  • Issuing formal quotes

  • Logging new client information on CRM

4. Onboard client Processes could include:

  • Steps to onboard a client

  • Invoicing clients

  • Creating new client projects in shared software

5. Ongoing support Processes could include:

  • Setting up reoccurring invoices

  • Reconciling accounts

  • Monitoring client expenses

When mapping out your onboarding, if you are looking to step away from the repetitive tasks in your business, you want to be seeing all of these as tasks that someone else can do. And once you have that mindset you can write process documents to make sure that someone else can do them! With this mindset you are ready to start letting to go of those processes that absolutely do not need you to do them and start making more time for the work that allows your business to grow.

It starts with a clear idea and map of your process and then taking steps to systemise your business so that you can share these steps, tasks, process documents, onboarding documents and elements of your business with anyone that you decide to hire on contract, or as an employee.

As an overview:

1. Start making a list of all of the repetitive tasks in your business and use Toggl to time how long it takes you over a certain time period.

2. Map out your customer journey so you understand the different steps that you take (or want to take!) every time you bring a new client aboard.

3. Start to make process documents of these different tasks.

4. Ensure that you save these documents in a logical way so that it is an online manual to new workers in your business can easily access and learn from.

I hope that you have found this post helpful in explaining how a set of process documents will help you to outsource a time-consuming part of your business process. I live and breathe improvements and automation to the customer journey, whilst maintaining the professional and personal touch of my client’s businesses.

If you’d like a hand, let’s have a chat and together let’s get your business ready for growth.


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