Save your fingers! A review of Loom for Process Documentation

I LOVE LOOM! I just love Loom. Gone are the days of writing out complete step-by-step instructions. Loom is screen capturing software which works via a Chrome extension saved onto your desktop. You record the video and then you access that video via a URL link, or you can also download the video to upload / use elsewhere.

And here is a Loom video to walk you through a few of the features.

How to use Loom

1. You set up the recording via a Chrome extension (works on PC and Mac) but it is only available using Chrome browser. If you use Safari, Firefox or A. N. Other you would have to download Chrome to use it.

2. Select the recording options you’d like: a) Screen and cam b) Screen only c) Camera only

And then when selecting to video the screen: a) Your entire screen b) Application window (allows you to select the application from all open programmes on your desktop).

3. Record your video, pause during if required and then stop when you are finished. 4. Loom creates a URL immediately which you will be alerted to via a pop up in the bottom right-hand corner, and a new browser tab will open with the saved video. Here you can view it and copy the URL to send on. 5. Rename the video, organise the video into relevant folder and / or download it. Ta da!

Why I use Loom

I use it to: 1. create short training videos to show associates how to complete certain tasks; 2. hand back finished products to clients to illustrate how certain aspects of systems work for them to manage themselves moving forward; 3. record processes in my own business for my Process Documents.

Using Loom for Process Documentation

Jargon buster

Process Document – an individual document outlining the specific steps undertaken to complete one repetitive task in your business.

Process Manual – the accumulation of all of your Process Documents, of all the repetitive tasks that you undertake in your business.

There are pros and cons of using Loom for your Process Documents in your business Process Manual.

Pros: 1. Quick. 2. It is in real time. 3. Can cover a lot of ground in only a couple of minutes. 4. Reduces online paperwork as can save all processes in one document as all that is required is a URL to the Loom video.

Cons: 1. Hard to update a process – have to redo the whole video. 2. In long run, could take more time as it is not clear what exactly is covered without watching the whole video.

It is for this reason that I use a mixture of written and Loom videoing for my Process Documents. More about Process Documents in my next blog! Sign up here so you don’t miss out.

Loom Pro

I looked at the features and the price for a comprehensive review of Loom and here are the facts:

For $10 a month (around £8) the benefits of Loom Pro are excellent and well worth considering if you find yourself to be a heavy user.

1. Unlimited video recording (only 100 on Loom basic before it starts archiving them). 2. Add ‘Call To Action’ buttons on your videos (if using for marketing etc.) 3. Use drawing tools for emphasis when editing. 4. Enhanced analytics for seeing who has watched your video, when and for how long. 5. 4k videos.

Loom Pro is fairly new to the market but customer service has always been good, they are prompt, email notifications are useful and timely and I have always been really impressed as a free user.

Final review

1. Remember to be logged onto correct Google Account. 2. Organise your files as you go along so that if you reach your limit, you know where to start deleting / archiving. 3. Always watch your videos before sending them on to clients to check them over!

Safe to say that I am a fan and it can make documenting your processes extremely quick and easy. Let me know how you get on and if you’d like some help with getting your business ready for scaling up, get in touch.


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