Looking to up level your business? Onboarding is for you.

If you are up-levelling your business you need to up-level your processes

I just had a couple of bonus points for why implementing an onboarding process is so important, specifically if you are in the business of up-levelling your business. I see onboarding essential for two reasons:

Make productive use of your time: to increase your customer base and to increase your revenue you need to be working as productively as possible to bring new clients into your business, whilst maximising your time with the work that you are doing with your current clients. You cannot be wasting any time unnecessarily!

Your time can be as productively used as possible by ensuring all of your processes are streamlined, and onboarding is one of them. Onboarding can be an extremely administratively burdensome task as it involves so many different elements.

Laying this all out and ensuring you know what needs to be done will save you time, whether you are doing it yourself or whether you are outsourcing it to someone else. If you are outsourcing, a more streamlined process will save them time and therefore you money!

Make you stand out: to increase your customer base and to increase your revenue you need to stand out as an excellent company – which you are! Show that off, make sure that it is know through all of your touch points.

Don’t lose anyone because you forgot to follow up on an enquiry as you were too busy, or that you took too long to give someone the information that they asked for when starting out. Don’t lose them because you pride yourself on the personal touch but your process is clinical and out of touch with that image. Create a process that works for you and your business, that is line with your business values, your branding and the business that you want to become.

It’s not just for bigger businesses

Big businesses have too many customers, too many transactions, too many products and too many services to manage everyone a name-to-name basis. That is why we end up with transaction numbers for interactions with them and we expect that, that’s right, expectation again! In bigger business a smooth process by which we are onboarded and carry out our interactions makes us feel at ease with the process.

Small businesses can maximise on this learning because it is basic psychology. Our brains build schemas around the experiences and interactions that we experience throughout our lives and we rely on them to understand what comes next. It is how we organise and make sense of the world. Without process and understanding, everything would just be madness and panic!

I have put a link to schema above (it's Wikipedia and my A-Level teacher is telling me to find a more professional source but it's honestly the clearest one that I have read!) Take a look and see what you think. I hope that you'll see what I am going on about and understand why having an onboarding process is not just for bigger businesses – it is a basic way that we understand and expect that certain situations will occur.

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