The different stages of onboarding

I am keen to give you some hints and tips about the sort of things that you should be thinking about when introducing an onboarding process to your business.

If you are not sure what onboarding is, check out this quick video:

Breaking it down into stages

When you are thinking about an onboarding process, think about the stages that you go through with a new client. These could include, but are not limited to some of my suggestions below:

1. Enquiry made through email / phone / social media / mailshot / referral / networking.

What do you do at this stage? Could include:

  • Add their contact details to contacts/CRM

  • Follow them on different social channels

  • Research their business

2. Initial contact made via return email/phone and a phone call set up.

What do you do at this stage? Could include:

  • Ask to prepare for the initial call

  • Ask them to send over information before the call

  • Ask them to fill in an eligibility questionnaire

  • Ask for a pre-payment for something

3. Follow up from the call.

What do you do at this stage? Could include:

  • Follow up with formal quote

  • Send information about working with you

  • Refer to a colleague/another business

  • Agree a follow up call in X weeks

4. (Presuming you are going to work together) Onboard client.

What do you do at this stage? Could include:

  • Send welcome letter

  • Send contract

  • Send T&Cs

  • Send payment terms

  • Request deposit

  • Send ‘working with me’ doc

  • Send timeline and schedule information

5. Ongoing support.

What do you do at this stage? This could include:

  • Regular scheduled check-ins

  • Regular payment requests

  • Regular deadlines for the client to stick to

  • Regular deadlines for you to stick to

6. Relationship comes to an end.

What do you do at this stage? This could include:

  • Send all files relevant to their project

  • Let them know about your file retention policy

  • Ask for a review

  • Send feedback form

7. Reengagement activity.

What do you do at this stage? This could include:

  • Email to find out how getting on

  • Get in touch via social media

  • Offer a revamp of project

  • Upsell relevant products

  • Ask to complete further feedback

I hope that this is helpful in starting to think about what stages you should think about when implementing a process of your own.

I am more than happy to have a chat with you about your thoughts regarding implementing an onboarding process into your business. And I do love to find out about how different businesses do things and work.

I always offer a free 15-minute consultation to new contacts and clients (although there is no alarm clock on that timer but this is usually all I find I need to clear a few things up!)

Do get in touch here and let me know if you’d like to chat. I can let you know about my onboarding package whilst we are at it. Find a brief outline here.


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