What is onboarding, why is it essential for your business and how can I help

I’ve spent a lot of time back-brain thinking since KeyboardSmash came into creation on 1st October 2017. I’m not the sort of person that can carve out ‘thinking time’ to work on my business. I work by talking things through with a selection of various folk, mulling them over during episodes of The Walking Dead (don’t judge) and having light-bulb moments during 3am wake-ups.

The areas that my work cover crosses accounts, marketing, social media, IT support, research. If I were a department, I would be a big one!

The importance of onboarding

If you are in business you will have clients (or customers, interchange the wording as necessary.) If you don’t yet, you will do at some point. And what joins all the dots of the above ‘departments’ is onboarding.

Onboarding /ɒnˈbɔːdɪŋ/: the action of process of familiarising a new customer or client with ones products or services.

Better explained in person here:

Top 3 reasons to streamline your onboarding:

  1. Nothing gets missed: you capture all of the information you need, when you need to capture it, without chasing and endless email follow ups.

  2. The lifecycle of your client is managed i.e. reviews and re-engagement to ensure that you are adding value to your business and your client by making contact at the right time.

  3. Meets standard customer expectations. We all expect a confirmation/welcome/receipt etc. when we undertake certain transactions. The same can be said of a product or service business no matter the size.

  4. If you are planning on growing your business you need to up-level your processes to ensure that your price point matches the expectation and experience of new and potential clients.

Couldn't help the fourth one, I just have so many reasons!

My new offer

So what I am offering, for £595 is to sort your onboarding out for you; streamline it, set it up, review it and hand it back to you ready to go (but if you want, I'll manage it going forward as well!)

This is for you if:

1. You spend more time that you need to adding clients to your systems and obtaining essential information.

2. You are not convinced every client receives the same level of service from you.

3. You want to start scaling your business and bringing clients in quickly and professionally is integral to any growth plan.

4. You're not capturing enough client reviews and recommendations.

5. You serve different types of clients or sell a range of products/services that have different requirements.

I am as practical as it gets. This is not about loads of tech or processes for you to think about. You can trust that I'll be building a process that works for you, your way.

Get in touch to discuss how this will work for your business.


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