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One of the services that I offer is a face-to-face solution half-day session where I will power through your to-do list and we can work on things together.

It was during one of these sessions that I think I made one of the smallest changes but biggest impact on the way that one of my client’s works.


The client that I was working with using an online booking form via her WordPress website to take course bookings. DISCLAIMER: I am in no position to sell WordPress as a service of mine. I am not interested in learning it as I think it is an archaic and non-systematic website builder. I understand its advantages but they just don’t gel with the way I work! I can upload blogs and do certain things. But this is not a blog about WordPress. I can however recommend a fantastic WordPress design agency – Anorak Cat 😊


Despite using WordPress, the client also favours paper forms to ensure that she has everyone checked off and all of the information to pass on to the course leaders. There is certain information that she needs to obtain when taking a booking. The standard stuff you know, name of the course, date of the course.


The courses were attached to the calendar but once the purchaser clicked through to the form, the date information was lost. The client had checked with her developer and there was no way to amend this with the plugin and she did not want to recommend another plugin for the bookings. As the client runs many courses over the months and year with many having the same title, once a booking came through to her on email, she never knew for which date the course was booked for.


As we had already discounted the things that couldn’t be changed, I looked at the things that could. The title being one of them. So I suggested that my client add a date to the front of the course title, that way the information would be pulled through on the booking form:

12.11.18 Course title 1

27.11.18 Course title 2

2.12.18 Course title 3


The client was contacting course participants to ask them what course they had signed up for. This was done as part of a general onboarding email where a pre-questionnaire was issued and payment explained. But as she was concerned about, it looked unprofessional from her end. As well as being a waste of time having to then log this information separately. Now that is all done for her and she can immediately see how many spaces she has left on all of her courses without having to wait for the information.

Such a small change right? And it seems obvious NOW we’ve done it, but it isn’t always like that when you are used to working in a certain way. This example just highlights to me how important it is to get a second pair of eyes on your business and the way you do things because I always think that improvements can be made.

I hope I can help with problems big and small so get in touch for a no-obligation solution-solving phone call. I reckon we can crack your issues in 15 minutes 😊


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