Are you ready to hire freelance business support?

I am supporting a range of clients at the moment, a PR specialist, a website design company, a bookkeeper, a start-up, an interior designer, an artist and a sales training company. I have just finished a big event project as well. That was fab!

Some I work with on monthly retainers and others I work with on a project basis. That could have a timed ending (the event) or an improvement project that is complete when all steps have been put in place.

The things that draw all of these people together? They are all successful, motivated people who are on a mission to drive their businesses forward. That is where I help. I always work beyond the original tasks undertaken and spot business improvements that often people don’t see themselves, when they are ingrained in the day-to-day running of their business.


When are you ready to hire my services?

1. You have the 'spare' money to pay.

No one likes to talk about money, but we are all paid for our services. My prices are upfront and based individually on the client. My pricing page gives an idea of the ball-park.

2. You should have an idea of the sorts of things you would like to outsource or need help with.

I’ll work on the detail with you, but it would be great if you have an idea of the time-burners and repetitive tasks that you are looking to offload.

3. You are in a position to let-go.

I can’t work with people who are not ready to let go of any part of their business. I do understand how hard this is (I run my own business!) but unless you are willing to let parts of your business be managed by someone else, the relationship won’t work and your money will go to waste.

4. Don’t let it go on too long!

Try not to hold onto everything for too long. The earlier you get help in to give you advice on systematic improvements to your business the better. Upfront work organising your systems will pay dividends in time and money in the long run.

i.e. Setting up your financial systems early on will save you a ton of Accountant fees when it comes to year-end.

5. You are willing to take advice.

I work with people best when they are happy to take my advice on the things that I notice and improvements that I think can be made. If you are happy and ready to take this sort of advice then you are set to work with me!

Do what you do best and outsource the rest!

This has been bandied about the internet for a while but I believe Peter Drucker was the first to coin it.

It could be help with your marketing, admin, bookkeeping, graphics or social media. Whatever is a time-burner for you, see where you could ask for help.

Moving non-essential jobs on elsewhere frees up your time to focus on building relationships, bill more of your time and to help drive your business forward. Chat to me if you think that you could do with a bit of help with systematisation, onboarding support and business improvement.


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