Are you looking to improve the way your business runs?

I work on my own as a self-employed ‘Virtual (but really very real) Assistant’ helping small companies to make sense of their admin. Ultimately, they then have more time to then focus on the parts of their business that they actually love, and that make them money.

So day-to-day I look at my clients businesses as an outsider with an objective pair of eyes, and give them a totally different view on the way they are going about their admin tasks. I do this to give them a new perspective on where they can save time and money. Generally it means automating tasks, refreshing or introducing processes and really having a good ole tidy up.

I'm not interested in sorting out your email inbox for two hours every Monday, I am interested in helping you to sort your own inbox for 10 minutes every Monday.

And it’s not just my clients

I have to do this with my own business as well. I am constantly improving, developing and learning. I am constantly asking for advice and input from all and sundry. I will speak to anyone who is interested in having an opinion on what I am putting out there to the world. I will take all and any advice (feel free to drop me a line if you have any input!)

Personal anecdotal example

My partner and I were taking a rare drive where I am in the driver’s seat and he the passenger. No idea why this is the way it is, it just is in our relationship. So we are driving along our way and I approach a ‘stop or go’ situation. I decide not to stop behind the parked car, the other car waits for me, I thank them and we move on our way. Nothing unusual about that.

My partner however, thinks what has just happened is absolutely hilarious. He observes that my car ‘thank you’ is akin to a Hitler salute.

So there I have been, gaily driving around, Hitler saluting my fellow drivers. I have curbed in this offensive behaviour and have bought the ‘thank you’ under control.


This is no way intended to imply that your admin practices are comparative to a dictatorship, rather that a fresh pair of eyes on your actions and behaviours can be rather helpful, in work and life.

So I task you with going away and thinking about any part of your business that you are struggling with and deciding a way that you can get a second opinion. It could be as simple as putting yourself out there on LinkedIn or asking an online networking group their honest opinion.

Everyone likes to give their view and I find that people are so very helpful when directly asked. I hope that it helps you get some clarity and gives some solutions to any outstanding issues that you are facing.

Alternatively give me a call, we can have a chat and decide whether a bit of an overhaul of your businesses practices could save you time and money in the long run.


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