How to spring clean your office in 3 quick and easy steps

In my first blog post I wrote about my shed and now spring is here (Beast be gone) I feel like it is the right time to go into a little more detail. Not just about how much I love it in our shed, (because since I wrote that post my partner has been let loose and it is not quite the sanctuary of calm it once was). But because being organised is quite simply just a way of life for me.


I help my clients save time on their business admin so they can focus on what they love by organising their business admin. In order to put bread and butter on the table I have to be extremely time-savvy and super-organised.

The shed is very real but also very much a metaphor for a computer filing system (but with less sharp objects falling on your head).


Unless you want to spend an inordinate amount of time searching for something, which is quite frankly a complete waste of time, it pays in the long run to be organised in the short run. And usually it pays out in cash terms as well. Winner winner.


Here are a few hints and tips for how you can both save yourself time and money:

1. Physical filing

If you are in an office, storing unnecessary paperwork uses valuable office space that you are paying for by the square meter. A cluttered working environment can also be detrimental to yourself and any employees. Not to mention the amount of dust that boxes collect.

Set some time aside to go through everything that you have in boxes that hasn't been touched for a number of years (financial information aside, you don't need to look at that twice in 7 years.) Make a commitment to recycling anything unnecessary.

2. Server space

Sharing files via email using a link to the items location saves an infinite amount of space, compared to sending the file around the office via email and clogging up your server. You pay for server space and when you run out...yup, you'll have to pay for more. Don't waste it unnecessarily!

This practice also ensures that you are always working on the most up to date copy when multiple changes are being made by multiple users.

3. Expenses

Whether you are an employee of a large business claiming your expenses from 'the man' or a sole trader / small business owner claiming your money from the (tax) 'man', keeping an accurate and regular log of your business expenses pays.

Try to log your expenses every day / every other day to ensure that you don't end up with a draw full of expenses that you don't get around to claiming.

Hire me!

I would simply LOVE to help you out with any and all of the above as well as anything else in your business that you think could do with a good clear out. I help businesses save time on their business admin, so they can focus on what they love. Get in touch today to see how we could work together.

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