8 ways to save time in your working day

I am a Virtual Assistant and serial organiser. I help people to save time on their business admin and my head is pretty full up solving problems most of the time. When I am not working and not entertaining my toddler, I am usually driving between these two situations and I am a big fan of listening to music whilst in the car. My partner likes to think it’s so I can ignore any onerous noises that may be coming from the engine. But for me, it’s because I like to switch off and I get a bit of me time when I am driving.

But don’t you just hate interruptions?

However, I cannot stand the mindless chatter and the adverts. On reflection, I actually prefer the adverts to the DJ chatter. It doesn’t appeal to me as the conversations and the banter between DJs never feels genuine. Also, I am reasonably cynical, so I am always interested to find out how other companies are selling themselves.

I’m under no illusion that this is how radio stations make money, but in a perfect world there would be less of that, and just straight up music (some people call them CDs, I hear you say.)

That’s life

But that’s life isn’t it – constant interruptions. When writing this blog post I was interrupted by the doorbell; the postman had a signed-for parcel. If it wasn’t the doorbell it would be the kettle boiling, or the sun coming out and blocking my vision, or it would be a notification on my Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / LinkedIn / WhatsApp.

And if it isn’t social media (and it usually is) it is the constant internal monologue of my brain. Remembering something to do, either work or personal, or thinking about the time, and dinner and logistics, and tomorrow, and the weekend and that funny noise I heard in the car…

We all have worries and admin jobs to do that play on our mind, and all of these things get in the way of getting the work done that we truly enjoy. The reason we went into work in the first place! That feeling of excitement you get when a potential new client gets in touch, the first brief comes in, you first set eyes on your finished product or someone leaves a review for a job well done.

How to save time on your business admin

I have just as much business admin as the next business, the difference is I just quite like doing it! I am a serial organiser, I help people to save time on their business admin so they have time to focus on what they love.

So here are my suggestions for getting shot of those interruptions, when you want to get your head seriously into a task:

  • Pre-empt what you are going to want in your working session; glass of water, cup of tea, snack, tissues, extra jumper and set yourself up with it at the beginning.

  • Make sure all of your work tools are to hand, in your work space; chargers, pens, pads, tech equipment.

  • Make sure your workspace is conducive to how you like to work. I like mine to be really tidy, so I ensure the whole room is organised before I begin.

  • Turn off push notifications on your phone, if you need to use it for work. If you don’t, put it out of sight.

  • Don’t have any social browser windows open (and delete those chrome extensions!)

  • Same goes for email, don’t have that browser window open or any applications that bring in your email.

  • Have your to do list handy, whether that is on paper or on an app. Being able to quickly jot down all those ‘things to do’ will take them off your mind and help you to focus on the job.

  • Consider hiring help. I help people save time on their business admin so banish those interruptions onto someone else’s to do list – mine!

Next steps

I hope some of these simple tricks will help you focus on the tasks that you love in your business but if you need a hand, you can find all of my contact information here. I look forward to hearing from you and how we can work together to save you time on your business admin.

Photo by Harry Sandhu on Unsplash


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