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I absolutely love everything organised. I help people to save time on their business admin and if you have seen any of my other blog posts (check out the one about my dishwasher – gosh that sounds dull doesn’t it) you’ll know this to be true. But the point of this post is to confess. I must admit, I do have a Monica cupboard.

I am hoping that Friends fan or not, you know what this is. A secret cupboard where all the ‘stuff’ that doesn’t have a place goes. For other people, this may be known as the ‘man drawer’.

Note. We also have a man draw in this house, it’s just not under my jurisdiction.

Why it’s ok to have a bit of organised chaos

As long as you know where it is and you can reach for what you need easily, I think that it is ok to have a place where all of the ‘stuff’ is.

I mean, within reason. I don’t think that this analogy works for your online files, for example. It would be ridiculous to have ALL of your business files in one folder as you would never find anything, no matter how good the search function is.

How to correctly organise your chaos

My Monica cupboard (and it is a cupboard) actually contains all of my work and business things. It is all in one place and it is right behind my desk, but I simply don’t have the space to have it out. And frankly, I don’t need to be reminded of my tax return everyday by staring at my finance folders.

I don’t just chuck expense receipts and bits of paper in there, and that is the key. I do use folders and boxes for everything and as long as there is a system for the ‘mess’ and you know where to find things, it is ok.

When it really is just chaos

You’ve got a problem if;

  • you know that you wrote a great bit of marketing copy a couple of years ago that you want to review, but you can’t find it;

  • you know that the contact details of a potential lead are on a business card, but you don’t know where it is;

  • you have an exhibition stand and an exhibition tomorrow, but you can't find the one that you need;

  • you need to renew the lease on your building and want to check your copy of the terms, but the contract could be propping up a wonky desk for all you know.

You’ve got a problem if you don’t even know where to start when trying to find something. Because what is going to follow is a period of completely wasted time where you attempt to locate what you are looking for.

We are all busy and time-short so being organised just makes sure that we use our time effectively.

Pick me!

I am a serial organiser. I help people save time on their business admin by organising their businesses processes and making sure that these administrative tasks do not prevent them from growing their business. Having to turn down work because you don't have the time?

Improving your processes is the first step in freeing up valuable billable time.

I focus on systematising repetitive tasks, automating the repetitive tasks and making sure that you are able to give a fantastic experience Every. Single. Time. Check out my packages to see how and then get in touch.


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