Using a Virtual Assistant to save you time and money

My partner and I bought a dishwasher recently. It came down to a couple of things really; because I am a Virtual Assistant and I work at home the majority of the time, I was finding it increasingly distracting having all the mess piled up around the kitchen. I am also extremely organised so I just like things away in their place.

However, I am cost-savvy and aware of the price of running household items, notwithstanding because of my history as an Office Manager. It is a way of life for me and has also saved my employers and clients' money along the way from the very small (weekly milk bill) to the very big (staff expenses, IT and network maintenance packages).

Hiring an admin assistant

We were in the honeymoon period with the dishwasher, loving that fact that there was a cupboard especially created for all of the dirty items. The kitchen was always spotless and we were both cooing over how pleased we were that we had finally made the decision to buy one. When I stumbled out of my office den to seek a moment of laptop free time from proofreading or number crunching, I could gaze out of the window rather than curse at having to do the tidying up.

A bit like deciding to outsource business admin for the first time. You're so pleased you've finally made the decision, and when you have admin free time, you don't have to worry about it. You can just enjoy that leisure time, or know you are spending it usefully on business building activity.

The problems with an admin assistant

We had purchased the product recommended for the machine and had tried out a few of the different programmes. My partner had read the entire manual to compare water consumption across the programs compared to time.

But I was secretly disappointed.

I didn’t want to say it out loud, but things were coming out with marks still on them. The glasses didn’t have that shine that they have in the adverts. I was still, heaven forbid, washing up by hand.

A bit like when things don’t work out with that agency/friend/full-time assistant who you outsourced your admin to. Everything seemed to be going well at first, but then you notice issues with the small things and you are still having to pick up bits and pieces of work.

How an hourly rate Virtual Assistant can save you time

Christmas came and Father Christmas always knows what you really want in your heart-of-hearts, even when you don't write a letter. And there were indeed some new dishwasher tablets under the tree.

Although they were not the brand recommended for the machine, tried and tested they were up to the job.

And boy do those glasses now shine!

They are not the cheapest product on the market, but they get the job done well, even on the quick cycle, so in the long run they are most cost effective

What to do now

Genuine story and here is where I come in...surprise, surprise, I am a Virtual Assistant; a problem-solving, solution-finding, go-getter focusing on business process improvements for long-term sustainable business help. I would love to know how I can help you, today, with those nagging admin jobs that prevent you from growing your business.

This blog not encouraging you that I am the one? Check out my testimonials here. And then get in touch.

We can have a talk about your requirements, agree on the time it will take, I will go away and sort out the cost and then we can start working together from there.


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