Six simple life hacks to improve the time you have

We can't all do it all. That's why we work in teams, have team mates, colleagues, co-workers and partners; babysitters, accountants, a PA / Executive Assistant / Administration Assistant. You name it, there is a job for it.


Pick your battles.

If it's not something you are good at, think about outsourcing it.

If it's not something you like doing, think about outsourcing it.

If it is taking valuable time away from real money-making, think about outsourcing it.

Life hack examples

Save yourself some time with a couple of these life hacks:

  • Order your shopping online - for the sake of as little as a £1, most major supermarkets will deliver to your door.

  • Save all of your regular travel journeys on GoogleMaps or on the app you use to book travel, including seating preferences, so that you can book them again quickly.

  • Mess distracting you? Hire a cleaner! Going rate is usually about £10 an hour.

  • Double up on dinners and stick one of them in the freezer for next week.

  • Stick a phone charger in every room in the house you use regularly. I used to be forever room hopping for chargers, now there is always one where I need it. Including my car.

  • Manage your expenses every day, or as often as they come in. Avoid the end of the month (or year) rush.

Anyone got any good time-saving hacks to share?


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