Induction: the passing of electrical power...

...without the objects touching

According to the Cambridge Dictionary (online) one of the many explanations of 'induction' is: an occasion when electrical power goes from one object to another without the objects touching.

I quite like that! When you hire a new member of staff, in-house or freelance, this is kinda what you are doing, right? Passing over the power of knowledge of your business practises, into their (proverbial) hands.

And how important is that? It is scary and it is brave and it is important as it is your business. So, from the opinion of someone who passionately believes in this being done right, here are some tips to follow:

1. Tell them your story, your background, what you believe in, who you are and where you are going to help them to feel a part of the team. Hopefully you'll be passionate about it so they will too.

2. Arm them with all of the tools they will need to do the job, straight away. No piece of information is too small to help fill a blank canvas, so engage them in a full discussion.

3. Allow them some time to start on the tasks of the job sooner rather than later. I believe it is better to ask questions whilst getting going on a task rather than allowing all of their excited 'new job' energy to go to waste. 4. Continue to engage them; meet/email/communicate regularly and clearly outline your expectations.

Have you got someone starting new with you today? What will you do to help make the start of their journey a great one?


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