How to use a freelance admin assistant to save your business

What's the benefit of hiring a virtual assistant / freelance assistant / ad-hoc assistant / agency-free assistant (aka, me) Vs hiring yourself a full-time assistant?

1. Zero overhead - holiday pay, sick pay, promotions yada yada yada - very expensive for what can be a fluctuating workload in a small business.

2. Less work involved in managing staff - yes you do have to spend some time briefing correctly to ensure that both parties are happy with the agreement. But the good, the bad and the ugly, staff management, it is all time-consuming.

3. An outsiders point of view on your business is invaluable. Someone who isn't used to the nuances and who is only seeing a snapshot, may be able to help beyond the tasks you had in mind.

4. A job well done - there's no resting on your team mates and expecting them to carry the load of your job list when, like a freelance administrative assistant working for themselves, you are counting on repeat work to keep yourself afloat.

Try it out, see if a freelance administrative assistant / virtual assistant / whatever-you-want-to-call-your-admin-angel could work for you. We all have something to offer, a niche, a different way of working. So there is definitely someone out there to compliment your business.


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