The world and his wife

Do you know why internal water pipes are now blue instead of white? Or where the comms box is in your building? How a fire extinguisher works? How to make the Christmas tree stand up straight? What UV anti-glare filters shut out or how they make astro turf?

Or, for that matter, where the spare biscuits are kept?

I’m JUST the Office Manager, ‘no Sarah, not JUST. You keep this place running.’

We administrative assistants do more than just admin, data entry, minute taking and proofreading. What I would consider as one of the perks of being an Office Manager was the sheer diversity of people whom I had the opportunity to speak to in any one working week.

As a result, the stuff I learnt, in context. Stuff that I would never find interesting if I Googled it. Handy, in fact, to add it to the bank of brain knowledge for future jobs. And pub quizzes.

(That's a picture of me up there, enjoying one of the random perks of the job!)


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