K Interiors is run by Kay who offers Interior Design as a professional service. Based in Clevedon, North Somerset K Interiors services clients in North Somerset and South Bristol.


K Interiors offers a first class, bespoke service and works with around six clients at one time to ensure an excellent level of personalisation can be achieved. K Interiors is currently experiencing a rapid period of growth, regularly taking on new clients and managing current clients through different stages of projects.


KeyboardSmash identified the need to streamline all of the various customer touchpoints and to implement and bring all necessary documents on brand. K Interiors also wanted to outsource different areas of the process to ensure Kay could continue to focus on customers whilst new and current clients were cared for.

Issue to be resolved

Kay wanted to streamline in the following ways:

  • obtaining and saving images of client’s projects;

  • sharing information with client about their dream project;

  • ticking all necessary contractual and legal obligations;

  • ensuring all paperwork was on brand and stored for future reference;

  • outsource any relevant parts of the process without creating additional work.

Action taken

KeyboardSmash started by identifying where K Interiors currently receives its clients from and creating a process looking at where certain customer information is obtained.


K Interiors onboards 1-2 clients over a month-6 weekly period so a manual process with some systematic improvements was decided upon.


We reviewed all the current tools and systems that K Interiors uses to ensure that the different steps would fall into those programs.


KeyboardSmash based the process on an outsourcing model, identifying where and how information would exchange hands to minimise workload for Kay. KeyboardSmash created canned response templates through google for the client interactions, set up Trello to manage the client pipeline on the outsourcing side and set up Pinterest to share visual information with clients. This has the added benefit of being a great place for Kay to showcase her work.


Kay is now confident that new clients are receiving all information promptly, professionally and on-brand without the need for Kay to undertake any additional work. K Interiors has maintained its boutique and personalised approach whilst ensuring professionalism.


Additionally, all client documentation is saved in a joint space so that K Interiors can access it quickly and easily when necessary. KeyboardSmash undertakes the outsourcing of onboarding clients of behalf of K Interiors.

What K Interiors say:

“An onboarding process has enabled me to capture important information at early stages, improved communication with my clients and given my business a more professional approach.


Part of this process has been to invite clients to join me in a Pinterest board, this allows the client to communicate with me on another platform and gives me great insight to their choices.


Feedback I have received from clients has been very positive. They appreciate being welcomed and given need to know information in an organised format.”

K Interiors onboarding


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