Heka Pilates customer journey


Heka Pilates is run by Karen out of several different venues in North Bristol / South Gloucestershire. It has been running for around 1 year, currently has 12 classes and 13 1-2-1 clients that she works with at different times during week. She has over 100 clients in total and teaches 25 hours a week. This leaves little time for anything else!


Karen runs a very personalised business. All incoming clients receive a personalised booking pack and all classes receive a weekly video covering the exercises that were taught that week.


Due to this level of service, Karen spends a lot of time and energy bringing new clients into her business. This time could be spent where Karen is most comfortable, teaching Pilates classes and sessions.


We identified the need to implement a booking system to ensure that the business was scalable. Moving forward, new clients to the business would be able to book themselves onto classes and payment would be automatic rather than manually organised.


KeyboardSmash implemented an online booking system. Karen can process clients manually in the interim until she is ready to move fully over to the system. And it is set up to allow new clients (and current clients when ready) to book themselves on and pay for their Pilates courses.

Issue to be resolved

Karen from Heka Pilates approached KeyboardSmash with a few issues.

  • Bringing new clients into her business was very time consuming (chasing money, getting relevant information.)

  • She did not have a systematic way of monitoring new interest in her classes and therefore being able to create new classes in line with demand.

  • Storing customer information whilst compliant with GDPR, was not systematic and finding what she needed was time consuming.

It was important that the system had a good mobile app/website to manage on the go at classes.

Action taken

KeyboardSmash researched a booking system that was within Heka Pilates’s monthly spend requirements, would work with the course booking structure and was integrated with GoCardless which was already being used by Karen.


KeyboardSmash created a process document to visualise how each client works through the different touch points of Heka Pilate’s business. It also outlines the steps that Karen needs to undertake with each client.


KeyboardSmash set up all of the templates for classes, payments notifications and back-end settings to ensure that it is ‘pick-up-and-go’.


KeyboardSmash handed the system back to Heka Pilate’s to manage with advisory videos and a handover call with screen share to work through any questions.


For now, until Karen is ready, she can manually arrange payments through the new booking system in a similar way to they were previously arranged through GoCardless.


Then, when she is ready to share the system with new and current clients, it is set up for them to book themselves on. Eventually, this will reduce the administration for Karen as all she will have to do add the classes to the booking system to allow clients to book themselves onto the relevant class.


The system forces payment through GoCardless which is how Karen would prefer payment to be organised.

Next steps

KeyboardSmash will continue to support Karen as she rolls the system out to ensure that any queries are answered, and she is comfortable with rolling the system out with all of her clients.


We will review in 6 months or so to check that the system still works for her business model and make any changes on a as required basis.


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