KeyboardSmash and Tonic unite to bring you...

2 products to help diagnose and solve your business woes.

You already know about Sarah from KeyboardSmash (and if you don't, read all about her here). But who is Tonic?

Christine, is a Freelance Creative Director. She runs TONIC, a branding and design company based in Bristol and she believes that branding and design shouldn’t be intimidating, over-complex or done for the sake of it. She helps new and established businesses to reinvigorate and revive their brands.


How? By reviewing your current position, investigating what the needs, barriers and goals are for your business. Then you’ll work as a team. She will be your guide. And together you’ll create a brilliant brand that will shape what comes next for you.

Fresh Start- £995

An upfront cost for everything that you need to get you set up - think branding, social, policies, file back up; this package is the strategy AND the implementation.

We will help get you off the ground so that you can spend crucial time in front of clients, customers and stakeholders. It’s a no nonsense fee without long term commitments. You are the hero of your business, don’t slog around in the background with nothing to show for it! 

You’ll get...

  • An hour face-to-face with us to discuss and agree what you and your business need. 

  • Together we’ll create an action plan to get your business started for success.

  • Then we’ll set about getting it all done for you.


Fix it! - £250

Been in business under a year but your image and processes holding you back? This package is for you. 

A 2 hour face-to-face session with us where we will diagnose the issues that you are currently facing in your business, with a follow up report outlining the steps you can take to solve those issues. 

You’ll get...

  • Actions that you can implement yourself.

  • Suggestions on who might be best placed to help with areas outside of your comfort zone.

  • And a follow up call with us to see how you’re getting on.

Our Commitment to you

  • We will never sell you what you don't need.

  • We will always be honest and transparent about the necessary steps to take.

  • We will go above and beyond to support your business success. Because it’s in our nature. We just love to help.


Not sure we're what you need? That's OK!

Just give us a call! We offer a FREE no obligation call to chat through what you’re thinking and assess if we are definitely able to help.


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