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Rebecca is the founder of Authentic Maths which delivers Maths for Mastery training throughout the UK. Based in the North West, Rebecca has worked in education for her entire career and is passionate about supporting teachers to confidently deliver the mathematics curriculum, whatever age they are teaching.


Having previously run this training to schools on demand, Rebecca was keen to offer the training more widely by having one day open courses where more than one school could attend at a time.


She needed a professional and proficient system to ensure that bookings were reliably taken and all information was gathered. But also, that all interaction matched the personal style of interaction that she was keen to deliver and that her clients (schools) are used to.

Issue to be resolved

The brief issued by Rebecca was as follows:

  • Courses were planned in several different locations, across several different dates, for several different target audiences.

  • Invoicing and cancellation terms needed to be personal and lenient and easy to manage on a case-by-case basis.

  • A proposal of different discounts was discussed to entice early bookings.

  • Management of bookings via a third party needed to be established from the outset.

Action taken

KeyboardSmash researched the most appropriate and cost-effective booking system software and suggested it for Authentic Maths. One of the main benefits to the chosen software was the ability to turn it off and on as required (for example, during the school holidays) which meant it would not be paid for during that time.


Alongside this, KeyboardSmash created a process flow chart to indicate the different steps that the client would go through when booking and who would be responsible for each step (Rebecca or a third party). It was integral that there was transparency with all bookings to make sure that no unnecessary work was undertaken by anyone and nothing got missed.


KeyboardSmash also helped to review the marketing material and wrote the booking T&C’s as well as all other client communication.


Rebecca can advertise her courses using the booking link and collect all information required at the beginning of the process in one go. That includes – amount of participants, names and school details, allergies for lunch arrangements etc.


She doesn’t have to ask for any additional information and it is all input into the system. The System generates payment information advice, reminders for the courses and the system follows up with review and feedback requests.


KeyboardSmash reviewed all of the internal Authentic Maths invoicing paperwork and created a new template and a simple spreadsheet to match the bookings taken through the system.

What Authentic Maths say:

“Sarah's work in setting up my online booking system has been excellent. She took the time to deeply understand my business and its needs and fulfilled every part of her brief promptly to a high standard.”


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