"Most people spend more time and energy going around problems than trying to solve them" - Henry Ford

I am not one of those people

Who am I

My name is Sarah and I offer operational and process consultancy to businesses nationwide. I am a mother to one hilarious, life-loving toddler and one rapidly growing under-1 year old and I spend the vast majority of my downtime answering to pleas of help from friends and family on admin-based tasks.


I love an online automation tool but am also a stationary fanatic. I get an immense amount of joy perusing the notebooks and checking out the quality of paper in Paperchase. 


When once asked what my ‘dream job’ would be I replied that if you stuck me in a MASSIVE filing room that needed sorting, I would be in heaven. I get such a kick out of order.

How I got to be here

When I first started out working as KeyboardSmash I offered a variety of services; diary management, invoicing, call bookings, contract sending, chasing clients for information and dealing with client requests.

So I started to join the dots. Between all of these interactions I wanted to make the links stronger, more efficient, more streamlined, to save time and to save duplication.


I love finding out how things work. I love making things the best they can be, especially when it comes to customer service. I love working with a client to look at the whole picture. I am a process fanatic, my intuitively efficient nature and my nature to please people gave me a flare when looking at a client's customer journey picture.

How I work

I absorb information about the way that systems and processes in our world work and I gain my inspiration through all customer interactions that I am a part of or witness. I seek the best, am frustrated by incompetency in process and am passionate about micro and small businesses. I thrive off being the driving force behind helping them to succeed.

Luckily I have an extremely understanding partner as I see solutions to problems absolutely everywhere and I cannot relax for want of lending a hand. I absorb and implement every opportunity to learn about what really resonates and works in my life and my business.


The two are one in the same, as I know they are for you too.

Next steps

Get in touch to talk about creating a customer journey which shows off your business as the best it can be.


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