Customer journey and onboarding support for micro businesses 

Say that again? Let me explain...

Onboarding - better described in person here is the process by which a new client or customer is familiarised with your products or services. I help my clients to maximise the entire customer experience; personalise it, streamline it and make it tip-top professional from initial enquiry, to the request for feedback.

Make the most of every enquiry, every lead, every comment and every point of interest in your business with a system that works your way. Paper or PC - I work with each client to create a bespoke system so it works the way your business works.

I work with growing business owners who have the aspiration for back office processes and customer facing interactions that match the incredible service that they are already offering.

You may have got yourself in a bit of a pickle where your processes are now not up to speed with how your business has taken off. Or you may be offering a new service and want to ensure that it is managed correctly from the get-go. Either way, you'll definitely want an expert to partner in the systematising of your business.

I work with clients in the following ways and you can find full details on each package here:

  • ​Full Customer Journey Implementation

  • Onboarding and offboarding implementation

  • Process Audit sessions

  • Bespoke project requests

However, it is never one size fits all. Get in touch for a free solution-solving session.

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Location: Yatton, North Somerset / Bristol

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