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Customer journey and onboarding support for micro businesses 

Do you want to know (without thinking about it night and day) WHO is in your pipeline, WHO is in your business and WHO you are going to reach out to next?


  1. Helping you to create a step-by-step process for managing all of your client interactions.

  2. Helping you to professionalise your customer journey so that you finally have the time and headspace to grow.

  3. Helping you to put your clients' needs at the heart of your business. And not dropping any balls in the process.


No you are not losing your mind.

No you don’t need a VA...yet.

No you don’t need to give up altogether.

I work with growing business owners who have the aspiration for back office processes and customer facing interactions that match the incredible service that they are already offering.

You may have got yourself in a bit of a pickle where your processes are now not up to speed with how your business has taken off. Or you may be offering a new service and want to ensure that it is managed correctly from the get-go. Either way, you'll definitely want an expert to partner in the systematising of your business.


Starting from - £895

This is for you if you need the plan but you also don't have the time to undertake the improvement steps.

1:1 session - £249

This is for you if you need help with the plan but are happy to undertake the leg work.


K Interiors

Implementing an outsourced onboarding model for an Interior Designer

Authentic Maths

Implementing a booking system and associated process for a new-to-business maths trainer.

Heka Pilates

Implementing a self-service booking system for a busy Pilates teacher.

5 Steps to take your business from Chaos to Clockwork


5 non-techy, quick and free steps to help get your business out of your head and save some time.

Yay! We all want time back right?!


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